Warranty  Service
    1. Is the item I purchased covered under any warranty service?
      • No. However, we strive to bring the best quality products.
      Service Return 
      2. The Item delivered to me is damaged. What do I do now?.
      • You can always send the item back to us in case you receive a damaged item. We will either refund or exchange the product you would have ordered.    
       3. How do I track my orders?
      •   Keep an eye on your inbox. To keep you updated on the movement of your order from us to reach you, you’d be provided with the tracking information via email.
       4. Why did my order get canceled after confirmation?
      • This rarely happens. However, in case this unfortunate event occurs, you’d get notified through email stating the reason
      5. The item got damaged in transit. How do I return or refund that item?
      • You can return or request a refund at contact@knowurworth.com within 7 days of receiving the item. For more information, visit our website return policy.
      6. I’m relocating. Can I change the delivery address after shipment? 
      • No, we recommend getting your order delivered to the delivery address given at first to avoid any further hassles.